From the inception of your ideas to the finish line FOOMOTION transforms your ideas into reality!

We are a passionate team of developers and innovators who believe in the power of digitization. In today’s digital era, any business that is not making use of technology stands no chance against its competitors.

Supporting your business on its journey to success, FOOMOTION focuses on investing design, technology, brand experience and rapid growth!



Founded in 2015 by Afraz Ali with the vision of redefining the use of engineering and design in all businesses. The goal is to redefine technology in such a way that it changes lives and revamps every business that we work with!

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Who Are We?

A dedicated team of engineers who stop at nothing but greatness. Our Engineering and UI/UX experts are committed to delivering the highest quality products in minimum time period without ever compromising on quality! What sets apart FOOMOTION is their extensive experience with international and national clients from a diverse background. From helping build a wide array of companies from scratch to several US-based startups, we have done it all and we are excited to do more!


What we do?

We offer a fresh perspective to our clients, a perspective that is going to satisfy them and delight their users. Our cross disciplinary approach towards product development and entrepreneurial knowledge will allow your business to achieve its goals and transform the industry. We aim for a higher standard of performance each day leading to constant innovation and growing clientele and that’s what we do for you as well.


Why us?

FOOMOTION was started to redefine the use of technology and engineering, we wanted to do something that impacts thousands. Our UI & UX experts and design enthusiast are one of the best! The dedication and passion for innovation of FOOMOTION’S engineers to understand the demands of their clients and then deliver the best product is unmatchable. Quality and Innovation are the primary goals of Foomotion, whether we are working on something internally or providing a solution to your queries our commitment remains the same! With over _ international clients and _ completed projects we guarantee you the best of the best!


Our leadership.


Afraz Ali

Founder & CEO

General Manager

Imtiaz Ali

General Manager

Senior Designer

Amir Ayub

Senior Designer

Senior Qulaity Assurange Engineer

Muhammad Rafique

Senior Qulaity Assurange Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Muhammad Shoaib

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Muhammd Suleman

Software Engineer

"We are a passionate team of talented and creative engineers and designers that believe in power of technology!"

— Afraz Ali, FOOMOTION Founder & CEO

Founded in

Our team

Completed projects

— Core Values

We work by a simple set of values


Keep It Simple

Who said that complicated systems are better? We at FOOMOTION work by the famous KISS principle! We like to keep it simple yet effective and impactful. Without compromising on the quality we bring your ideas to life in a simple yet unique manner.


Striving for Quality

The top priority of FOOMOTION has always been quality. Quality serves as the most important driver in our work so you never have to worry about anything. We believe in getting it right the very first time so we do extensive quality assurance with the help of software testing tools before delivering the final product. With FOOMOTION you have nothing to worry about!


Building Long Lasting Partnerships

Once you have worked with us our commitment to you will never end on the end of the project. We are always here to provide support! We are the trustworthy partner that bring your idea to life and grow with it so that you are always one step ahead of your competitors. FOOMOTION believes in nurturing a long term relationship with their clients.


Complete Transparency

We know you need a little reassurance sometimes that’s why we have real time updates for our clients! FOOMOTION has a strong policy of accountability and transparency to ensure that clients are always involved in process and employees work to the fullest of their abilities. We want to build a long lasting relationship of trust with you so never hesitate to ask questions!


Our Clients.

Bike Minded
Strongarm Tech
Fast Van
Forever Connected Yearbook
TechnoSoft HealthCare


Brining life to ideas that make your business the best!


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